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Our Mission, Vision & Goals

KMC Controls Past, Present & Future
Our Mission
KMC Controls is committed to design energy saving and environmentally sustaining building automation products that are developed, manufactured, and supported by creative and dedicated people.

Our Vision
To increase market share and sustain profitable growth, by offering our customers market-driven solutions through continuous improvement, implementation of new technologies, and environmental consciousness while fostering the development and well being of our employees.

Our Goals
  • Ethics / Corporate Citizenship
    • Demonstrate in our everyday activities that honesty and sound business ethics are fundamental to everything we do.
  • Quality / Performance
    • Make Quality the foundation of KMC growth, success, and competitive advantage.
    • Performance is not a choice – we all must perform to the highest standard.
  • Employer of Choice
    • Attract, recognize, and retain accomplished and motivated individuals who are excited by the challenges and opportunities at KMC and wish to share in, and be rewarded by, our successes.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Demonstrate our commitment to the needs of our customers by working on a daily basis to achieve total customer satisfaction.
  • Market Responsiveness
    • Listen to the market and quickly tailor our products and services to those needs that best fit our Mission and Vision.
  • Productivity, Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness and Flexibility
    • Find the best cost solutions, while maintaining flexibility, in our quest for sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Utilize LEAN throughout KMC to achieve consistent gains in productivity.
  • Products and Process Technology
    • Achieve superior levels of technology expertise, to support product development and improvement, in ongoing operations to achieve competitive advantage.
  • Financial Performance
    • Consistently achieve financial goals and optimize year-on-year financial improvement.
KMC Headquarters
Hang Fung Technology Company Limited
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