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Our Quality Initiative

Validation Lab “Making Quality the foundation of KMC growth, success, and competitive advantage” is part of our Mission, Vision, and Goals statement.

At KMC, we have are committed to the International Standards Organization (ISO) approach and maintaining our systems to ISO 9001 standards. The 9001 standard means that our product development process (engineering & beyond), our production process (manufacturing & beyond), and even our support process are conducted with discipline and predictable outcomes. We have maintained our ISO 9001:2000 certification since 1997. (Click here for our current ISO registration certificate)

Governing all of these processes is a practice known as Product And Cycle-time Excellence (PACE). In the PACE process ideas move from concept and market justification to development, to validation testing, and then to release. A Product Approval Committee (PAC), consisting of KMC senior management, determines whether a particular idea or product will proceed to the next stage.

Our validation lab contains both KMC and competitive product (for interoperability testing) and can replicate the functionality of simple, and extremely complex, building automation systems. Should a KMC product ever fail in the field, we have a dedicated Quality department who will determine root causes and provide feedback to the customer, development and production teams.

This combination of robust process produces measureable results. For calendar year 2008, KMC’s overall return rate was 0.04% as measured across the thousands of SKUs in our catalog. This builds on a historical trend of less than 0.1% return rate for many years.

As a final testament to KMC quality, consider our 5–year (60–month) Limited Warranty. We challenge you to find another supplier who offers are similar warranty across such a broad product line.

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