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KMC Claims Technical Communication Excellence

Friday, April 16, 2010 - Chicago, Illinois

KMC Controls has captured three awards in the prestigious 2009-2010 publications competition sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. KMC’s awards were for:

  • TotalControl Help System—this online help system consists of hundreds of hyperlinked pages available to assist users in setting-up a TotalControl building automation system interface, create interactive web graphics, configure BACnet and KMDigital controller objects/points, and write Control Basic programs. This Award of Excellence winner was developed by technical writer, David Menges.
  • FlexStat Support Documents—this collection of marketing and technical support documents represents part of the large collection of installation, operation, application, specification, and marketing documents for the BAC-10000 series FlexStat (packaged controller plus sensor). This Award of Merit winner was developed by technical writer, Mark Stucky.
  • Green Building and Controls Glossary (SB-046)—this pocket-sized glossary lists over 1,100 definitions and cross-references relating to the HVAC and building industry. It also includes over 100 building controls acronyms and abbreviations in a separate list. (This glossary also previously won an award in the APEX 2009 publications competition.) This Award of Merit winner was also developed by technical writer, Mark Stucky.
The Society for Technical Communication (STC) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the arts and sciences of technical communication. It is the largest organization of its type in the world. Its 14,000 members include technical writers and editors, technical illustrators, instructional designers, usability and human factors professionals, visual designers, web designers and developers, and translators—anyone whose work makes technical information available to those who need it.



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