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KMC Lighting Controls for “Watt” Matters to You

Lighting consumes between 15 and 40% of most buildings’ energy costs. Moreover, heat generated by lighting adds to the cooling load and energy used by the building’s HVAC system. With energy cost per watt continuing to climb, every watt of lighting saved adds up to big savings over the life of a building. Wasted watts can be reduced by a building automation system with occupancy schedules, motion sensors, and photocell sensors.

KMC programmable BAC-58xx, BAC-A1616BC, KMD-58xx, and KMD-52xx series controllers can use schedules plus third-party switches and motion sensors (for occupancy control) and photocells (for daylight harvesting) connected to the inputs. Third-party dimmers and latching relays can be connected to the controller’s outputs.

KMD-1261/1281 NetSensors have built-in motion sensors that can be used to trigger room lighting (in addition to changing temperature setpoints) when connected to a properly configured BAC-58xx/KMD-58xx/BAC-7xxx/KMD-7xxx controller. BAC-1x1xxxC FlexStats also contain a built-in motion sensor that can (with custom programming) be used to trigger room lighting.

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