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We invite you to submit information of a successful project involving KMC products. This information enables our award-winning writers to develop a compelling story that can be repurposed for multiple educational purposes and avenues. The story will represent a great deal of free publicity to you or your firm and have a fair treatment of all aspects of the project.

If you are involved in a multiphase project, feel free to submit it following any phase. We can always amend the story upon its final completion.

For the best outcome, please provide us with as many details as possible by filing out the form below. This will give us a foundation from which to begin a story. Once we receive your submission we will contact you for more information, including such things as quotes and photos.

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In Touch

Thank you for submitting your project details. This will give us a foundation from which to begin a story. Please note that we will likely look to contact you either by phone or email to complete a short interview, and request some good quality photographs. Additionally, we like to be able to talk to your customer and possibly secure a quote or two from them. A draft of the story will be sent to you and your customer for edits and approvals. (We must have approval from a customer representative to publish the story.) With an enviable story we might be able to do much or all of the following:

  • We can generate a case study for the KMC site (also downloadable in pdf).
  • If it is a BACnet project, we can get it published on the site of BACnet International.
  • From there it could appear in one of our customer newsletters (>1000 partner names across contracting, wholesale and OEM customers).
  • If we publish it in the partner newsletter, the feature article also appears in our public enewsletter. This enewsletter goes out to >5000 email addresses in (facility professionals, potential customers, engineers, etc.).
  • If we get it published on the BACnet site, it will also be eligible for use in BACnet International enewsletters (going to over 10000 names) as well as in issues of the BACnet International Journal.
  • For the right kind of story we can also turn it into an editorial submission for the trade press. We have very good relations with the vast majority of these editors who are anxious for success stories. That means it would appear as an article in one or more of the trade publications geared to owners, engineers, etc. We can even target the Canadian publications specifically if that is what you prefer.
  • And, again, depending on the story, we could generate a white paper that becomes available through other channels.

Thanks again for your project submission. We will be In Touch!

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