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STE-1400 Series Temperature Sensors

The KMC STE-1400 Series, Type III, 10,000 ohm thermistor temperature sensors are available in different housings for surface, duct, duct averaging, immersion, strap-on, and outside air applications. All probes are constructed to provide good heat transfer and fast response. The averaging sensors are available in both plenum-rated cable or with a copper probe.

Each STE-1401/1402/1404/1405/1405 duct sensor is encapsulated in a 1/4-inch O.D. stainless-steel probe. The probe protrudes from the bottom of the sensor housing (if included, minimizing lead-length error. The probe can be inserted directly into the duct for single-point monitoring, and mounting holes are provided to rigidly support the assembly.

The STE-1411/1412/1413/1414/1415/1416/1417 averaging duct sensor  incorporates numerous sensors inside a copper tube and is available in a 5/16-inch O.D. bendable copper probe or in a flexible plenum-rated cable. The completed assembly acts as a single sensor and any temperature change is averaged across the sensor. The probes can be bent to fit any size duct.

The STE-1421/1422 immersion sensor is encapsulated in a 1/4-inch O.D. 304 stainless-steel probe. The probe protrudes from the bottom of the sensor housing, minimizing lead length error. The probe has a 1/2-inch NPT fitting to be screwed into the HMO-4533/4543 brass well or HMO-4534/4544 stainless-steel well.

The STE-1454 strap-on sensor is encapsulated in a two-inch-long, 1/4-inch O.D. stainless-steel probe. The probe has a five-foot lead wire and comes standard with an enclosure. The STE-1455 strap-on sensor does not include an enclosure.

The STE-1451 outside air sensor is mounted in a weatherproof gasketed enclosure with a sun shield for protection against the outdoor elements. It comes with an LB c/w 1/2-inch NPT fitting for connection to conduit.

The STE-1430 room sensor, designed for temperature measurement of occupied spaces, can be mounted on an interior hollow wall in a standard single-gang electrical box. The sensor is mounted behind a flat brushed stainless-steel plate.

ProductData SheetDescription
STE-1415 (Download) 6-foot Duct Averaging (flexible)
STE-1416 (Download) 12-foot Duct Averaging (flexible)
STE-1417 (Download) 24-foot Duct Averaging (flexible)
STE-1414 (Download) 20-foot Duct Averaging (Copper)
STE-1430 (Download) Room Sensor, Flat Stainless-Steel Plate
STE-1401 (Download) 8-inch Duct Sensor, rigid w/ 10-foot plenum-rated cable, but without enclosure
STE-1402 (Download) 8-inch Duct Sensor, rigid, w/ plastic enclosure & 5-foot non-plenum-rated cable
STE-1404 (Download) 12-inch Duct Sensor, rigid, with plastic enclosure
STE-1405 (Download) 4-inch Duct Rigid w/ 10-foot plenum-rated cable, but without enclosure
STE-1411 (Download) 6-foot Duct Averaging (Copper)
STE-1412 (Download) 12-foot Duct Averaging (Copper)
STE-1413 (Download) 24-foot Duct Averaging (Copper)
STE-1421 (Download) 4-inch Immersion w/out well
STE-1422 (Download) 6-inch Immersion w/out well
STE-1451 (Download) Outside Air Temperature Sensor
STE-1454 (Download) 2-inch Strap-On
STE-1402M n/a 8-inch Duct Rigid w/ METAL handy box & 5-foot non-plenum-rated cable
STE-1404M n/a 12-inch Duct Sensor, rigid, with METAL enclosure
STE-1455 (Download) Sensor; Electric, Strap-on; 10K, Type III (without enclosure)
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