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MCP-3631 Series Rotary Pneumatic Damper Actuator

These rotary pneumatic damper actuators are designed to position VAV terminals and other small dampers in HVAC systems.

Models ending in the “000” designation will mount to 1/2" diameter damper shafts, or 3/8" diameter shafts using the HLO-1011 shaft adapter. Models ending with the “001” designation will mount to 3/8" square damper shafts.

Actuators may be mounted with either side toward damper to allow clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. A non-rotation bracket is supplied with each actuator and a variety of options are available to lock the actuator’s drive hub to the damper shaft.

ProductData SheetDescription
MCP-36312000 (Download) 3-12 PSI 1/2" DIAMETER SHAFT
MCP-36313000 (Download) 5-10 PSI 1/2" DIAMETER SHAFT
MCP-36313001 (Download) 5-10 PSI 3/8" SQUARE SHAFT
MCP-36315000 (Download) 8-13 PSI 1/2" DIAMETER SHAFT
MCP-36315001 (Download) 8-13 PSI 3/8" SQUARE SHAFT
MCP-36318000 (Download) 3-8 PSI 1/2" DIAMETER SHAFT
MCP-36318001 (Download) 3-8 PSI 3/8" SQUARE SHAFT
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