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SAE-1001/1002/1051 Carbon Dioxide Detectors

NOTE: This series is being phased out and is being replaced by the newer SAE-1011/1012/1062 Carbon Dioxide Detectors. (This series will continue to be available only as stock supplies last.)

The SAE-1000 series detectors are designed to sense and transmit CO2 levels to any compatible building automation system for the control of ventilation equipment in industrial and commercial applications. Such information is crucial to demand control ventilation that ensures adequate indoor air quality while minimizing the energy costs of conditioning outside air.

These self-calibrating detectors use the sensor’s on-board microprocessor to remember the lowest CO2 concentration measured in a 24 hour period. The sensor assumes this low point is at outside levels. (The smart sensor discounts periodic elevated readings that might occur if, for example, a space was used 24 hours per day over a few days.) After collecting 14 days worth of low concentration points, the sensor performs a statistical analysis comparing sensor readings to background levels. If there have been any small changes that could be attributable to sensor drift, a small correction factor is made to the sensor calibration to adjust for this change.

If a space does not experience a periodic drop to outside levels (e.g. where occupancy is 24 hours, 7 days/week), the auto-calibration software should be deactivated. If the software has been deactivated (via menu buttons), calibration may be required every two to three years.

The SAE-1000 series is designed to meet ventilation requirements specified in the ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. This series has been certified to comply with CA Title 24, Section 121(c), as well as sub-paragraph 4.F that specifies accuracy will be maintained within tolerance for a minimum of 5 years without recalibration (in auto-calibration mode) and that a detected sensor failure will cause the controller to take appropriate corrective action. It is also CE and RoHS compliant.

ProductData SheetDescription
SAE-1001 (Download) Space CO2 Sensor (replaced by SAE-1011)
SAE-1002 (Download) Space CO2 Sensor w/ LCD Display, SPDT relay (replaced by SAE-1012)
SAE-1051 (Download) Duct CO2 Sensor (replaced by SAE-1062)
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