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BAC-A1616BC BACnet Building Controller

The BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) is a high-performance, native BACnet direct digital controller. As part of a complete interoperable building automation system, this 16x16 B-BC provides precise monitoring and control of connected points. Integrated into the controller is a BACnet router, web server, and expandable I/O (CAN-A168EIO expansion module) in a native BACnet device.

Web Server Functions
  • Built-in web configuration pages allow web browser to configure I/Os and objects, monitor values and alarms (configuration/monitoring also available through TotalControl), and set-up users and passwords.)

  • Firmware upgradable (without requiring physical access) through the web or Ethernet connection, allowing easy updates

  • Custom web graphical interface (created/published in TotalControl, ver. 1.7 or higher)

Router Functions
  • Can route traffic between two MS/TP ports, one BACnet PTP (point-to-point) port, four (logical) BACnet IP ports, and one (logical) BACnet Ethernet port (BACnet IP and BACnet Ethernet are logical ports on the Ethernet physical port)

  • Supports BACnet IP foreign device registration and Broadcast Management Device (BBMD), supports PTP modem communications, and performs IP packet assembling/disassembling (PAD) routing for up to four BACnet IP PAD networks

  • Each of the four (logical) BACnet IP ports can be configured for BACnet IP, BBMD, foreign device registration, or PAD

I/O Expansion Capability
  • Up to seven CAN-A168EIO expansion modules can be added, each providing an additional 16 universal inputs and 8 universal outputs (for a maximum total of 128 inputs and 72 outputs)

  • I/O expansion modules are connected via standard shielded twisted-pair wire and can be installed up to 200 feet from the B-BC

  • Onboard and remote expansion I/O consolidates control of central mechanical plants, air handling units, and other equipment requiring single-point coordination and control of process loops

Other Features and Benefits
  • Email notifications of alarms and events via an external SMTP server

  • 16 universal inputs and 16 universal outputs onboard (expandable to 128 inputs and 72 outputs), software-selectable as analog or binary objects

  • High-performance 32-bit processor

  • Dynamic allocation of memory resources provides flexible use of scheduling, trending, and exception reporting in small- to medium-sized buildings without requiring a personal computer

  • Meets or exceeds the specifications in ANSI/ASHRAE BACnet Standard 135-2004 for BACnet Building Controllers

  • Up to 32 Control Basic custom program sequences for optimal control of a central plant, air handlers, and other connected equipment

ProductData SheetDescription
BAC-A1616BC-000 (Download) BACnet Building Controller, 16 x 16
CAN-A168EIO (Download) Expansion Module, 16 x 8, for BACnet Building Controller
SB-050 n/a BAC-A1616BC Brochure--DISCONTINUED--SEE Native BACnet Building Automation Solutions Brochure (SB-008)
BAC-A1616BC n/a Use the Model # BAC-A1616BC-000 instead
BAC-A1616BC-001 (Download) BACnet Building Controller w/ WEB
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