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MEP-5372/5373/5374 Direct Coupled Tri-State Fail-Safe ControlSet Actuator

These KMC ControlSet actuators are designed to control small dampers, such as air terminal unit dampers, or certain KMC VEB/VEP/VEG/VEV series valves. A minimum of 50 in-lbs. of torque is provided over the maximum angular rotation of 95°. The actuators mount directly to a 1/2" or 3/8" diameter shaft, eliminating the need for expensive and complicated linkages. Mounting to a 3/8" diameter shaft requires the HFO-0011 shaft adaptor (ordered separately). Capacitor-driven fail-safe provides durable, efficient operation with switch-selectable fail direction.

MEP-5372 proportional actuators may be controlled via a 2–10 VDC control signal from a thermostat, controller, or building automation system. Actuators are factory-calibrated for a 2–10 VDC input signal (or 4–20 mA with an external 500 ohm resistor) and 95° clock­wise rotation. Counterclockwise rotation is obtained by simply toggling a switch. A 1–5 VDC feedback voltage output, proportional to the control signal, is provided. This feedback can be used for remote indication of damper position. An 18 VDC auxiliary power supply output is provided to power CTE-5100 series thermostats or other control devices.

MEP-5373/5374 tri-state models are for use with floating thermostats, controllers, or building automation systems. (They can also be wired for 2-position operation.) The MEP-5374 features a 10K ohm (±10%), three-wire potentiometer feedback output.

Minimum and maximum end stops are standard to limit rotation. An HMO-1003 non-rotation bracket, to prevent actuator lateral movement, is included. A gear disengagement button allows manual positioning of the damper and/or gear train without energizing the actuator. An optional single or double auxiliary switch can be field-installed.

ProductData SheetDescription
MEP-5372 (Download) Fail-Safe, Proportional 2-10 VDC Control, 24 VAC Power, 50 IN. LBS.
MEP-5373 (Download) Fail-Safe, Tri-state (3-wire control), w/out Feedback, 24 VAC, 50 IN. LBS.
MEP-5374 (Download) Fail-Safe, Tri-state (3-wire control), w/ 10K Ohm Feedback Pot, 24 VAC, 50 IN. LBS.
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