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VEB-46 Series 3-Way, 1/2 to 2-1/2", NPT BALL Control Valves

VEB-46 (formerly VEP-43) series, 3-way, mixing or diverting, NPT control ball valves are designed for the control of hot or chilled water in HVAC applications. Valves range in size from 1/2 to 2-1/2 inches and most feature an optimizing insert, which reduces and characterizes the ball opening for lower Cv ratings similar to globe valves.

The body design also provides a standard "T" pattern to simplify installation. They include a field-repairable blowout-proof stem and leak-proof shut-off. The reduced torque seals and O-rings eliminate the need for high torque actuators and are designed to work with KMC’s low-torque, MEP-4000/5000 series actuators on all valve sizes.

Valve assemblies with MEP-4002V/4003V actuators have new brackets with a patent-pending, quick-mounting mechanism that creates a universal connection to VSI, Griswold, and other valve bodies. See the MEP-4000/4800 data sheet for more information.

ProductData SheetDescription
VEB-4610EBCF (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT 74.1CV;Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4610EBCK (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT 74.1CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4610EBDH (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT74.1CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4610EBDL (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT 74.1CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4610FBCF (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT 99.5CV;Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4610FBCK (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT 99.5CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4610FBDH (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT99.5CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4610FBDL (Download) Valve, 2-1/2" 3W NPT 99.5CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4602CBCF (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT.6CV; Tri-State ; MEP-4003
VEB-4602CBCK (Download) Valve; 1/2" 3W NPT .6CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4602CBDH (Download) Valve, 1/2"3 W NPT.6CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4602CBDL (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT.6CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4602EBCF (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT1.0CV;Tri-State ; MEP-4003
VEB-4602EBCK (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT 1.0CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4602EBDH (Download) Valve, 1/2"3W NPT1.0CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4602EBDL (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT 1.0CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4602GBCF (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT2.4CV;Tri-State ; MEP-4003
VEB-4602GBCK (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT 2.4CV;Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4602GBDH (Download) Valve, 1/2"3W NPT2.4CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4602GBDL (Download) Valve; 1/2" 3W NPT 2.4CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4602JBCF (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT4.3CV;Tri-State ; MEP-4003
VEB-4602JBCK (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT 4.3CV;Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4602JBDH (Download) Valve, 1/2"3W NPT4.3CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4602JBDL (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT 4.3CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4602LBCF (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT 8.0CV;Tri-State ; MEP-4003
VEB-4602LBCK (Download) Valve; 1/2" 3W NPT 8.0CV;Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4602LBDH (Download) Valve, 1/2"3W NPT8.0CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4602LBDL (Download) Valve, 1/2" 3W NPT 8.0CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4603GBCF (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT 2.4CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4603GBCK (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT 2.4CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4603GBDH (Download) Valve, 3/4"3W NPT2.4CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4603GBDL (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT 2.4CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4603JBCF (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT 3.8CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4603JBCK (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT 3.8CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4603JBDH (Download) Valve, 3/4"3W NPT3.8CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4603JBDL (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT 3.8CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4603MBCF (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT11.0CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4603MBCK (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT 11.0CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4603MBDH (Download) Valve, 3/4"3W NPT11.0CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4603MBDL (Download) Valve, 3/4" 3W NPT11.0CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4604HBCF (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT 8.6CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4604HBCK (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT 8.6CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4604HBDH (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT 8.6CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4604HBDL (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT 8.6CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4604NBCF (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT 22.3CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4604NBCK (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT 22.3CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4604NBDH (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT22.3CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4604NBDL (Download) Valve, 1" 3W NPT 22.3CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4605EBCF (Download) Valve, 1-1/4"3W NPT12.7CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4605EBCK (Download) Valve, 1-1/4" 3W NPT12.7CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4605EBDH (Download) Valve, 1-1/4"3W NPT12.7CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4605EBDL (Download) Valve, 1-1/4"3W NPT12.7CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4605JBCF (Download) Valve; 1-1/4"3W NPT34.1CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4605JBCK (Download) Valve, 1-1/4" 3W NPT34.1CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4605JBDH (Download) Valve, 1-1/4"3W NPT34.1CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4605JBDL (Download) Valve, 1-1/4"3W NPT34.1CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4606EBCF (Download) Valve, 1-1/2"3W NPT23.5CV; Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4606EBCK (Download) Valve, 1-1/2" 3W NPT23.5CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4606EBDH (Download) Valve, 1-1/2"3W NPT23.5CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4606EBDL (Download) Valve, 1-1/2"3W NPT23.5CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4606HBCF (Download) Valve, 1-1/2"3W NPT61.1CV;Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4606HBCK (Download) Valve; 1-1/2" 3W NPT61.1CV;Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4606HBDH (Download) Valve, 1-1/2"3W NPT61.1CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4606HBDL (Download) Valve, 1-1/2"3W NPT61.1CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4608BBCF (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT 38.2CV;Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4608BBCK (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT 38.2CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4608BBDH (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT38.2CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4608BBDL (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT 38.2CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
VEB-4608NBCF (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT 108.5CV;Tri-State; MEP-4003
VEB-4608NBCK (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT 108.5CV; Proportional; MEP-4002
VEB-4608NBDH (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT108.5CV; Tri-State w/FS; MEP-5373
VEB-4608NBDL (Download) Valve, 2" 3W NPT 108.5CV; Proportional w/FS; MEP-5372
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