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Motion Sensors for More Efficient Control

There’s no reason to heat or cool a room when nobody’s home. Programmed schedules in a commercial Building Automation System works well for most days...except for vacations, sick days, business trips, long meetings, and other disruptions to the occupant’s routine. Schedules, furthermore, just don’t work at all for hotel rooms and other spaces with sporadic occupancy.

Now, however, you can have room temperature and humidity control linked to occupancy. KMD-1261/1281 NetSensor models are wall-mounted, temperature and motion sensing, programmable operator interfaces for use in a KMC (KMDigital or BACnet) direct digital controls system. The KMD-1281 also includes humidity sensing. The simple and functional design combined with programmable buttons make these models an ideal choice for installations that require temperature, humidity, motion sensing, and an operator interface in one convenient, attractive unit. The NetSensor works with an external KMC controller.

An all-in-one option is the motion-sensor-equipped BAC-11xxx models of the FlexStat, which is a BACnet advanced application controller (B-AAC) combined with temperature and optional motion and humidity sensors all in one attractive package. It creates a flexible solution to stand-alone control challenges or BACnet network challenges. Flexible input and output configurations and built-in or custom programming ensure that a variety of HVAC application needs can be met, based on occupancy.

The motion sensors in these devices are mounted on the wall, of course, and sometimes additional room coverage is needed. Situations that would need additional remote sensors include areas too large for adequate coverage by the built-in sensor and areas with obstructions that block sensor coverage. Remote motion sensors can be connected to one of the FlexStat’s or controller’s available inputs. Multiple remote sensors with dry (relay/switch) contacts can be wired in parallel to monitor a variety of different zones.


The FlexStats and NetSensors listed above include the following features:

  • Detect room occupancy via the built-in passive infrared motion sensor with a range of up to 33 feet (10 meters).
  • Available in white or light almond.
  • Large, easy to read, backlit LCD display for easy temperature viewing.
  • Convenient user setpoint buttons are instantly accessible.
  • Easily accessible data port provides a convenient and quick network connection for computers or other service tools.

Additional Resources

FlexStat Brochure (SB-049)

KMD-1261/1281 NetSensor Brochure (SB-056)

To learn more about motion sensing, see the support documents for the FlexStat and the KMD-1261/1281.

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