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SSE-1000/2000 Series Duct Flow/Temp. Sensors for VAV Systems

The SSE-1000/2000 Duct Flow Sensors are designed for use with VAV terminal units in HVAC systems. They are used in conjunction with the CEP series of controller-actuators to maintain the desired airflow to an occupied space. The CEP model must be ordered separately. (Refer to the CEP-4000 data sheet for related model numbers and the application guide for usage.)

Two sensor lengths are available to accommodate various box inlet sizes. Sensors are inserted into the inlet collar of the box, and the foam backing on the sensor head protects against conditioned air leakage.

The SSE-20xx models incorporate two additional terminals ("X" and "Y") which allow duct temperature sensing for items such as the REE-1005/1014 heating-cooling change-over relay. In addition, the airflow portion of the signal is fully compensated for changes in temperature for accurate control of delivered air.

SSE-1011/1012/2011/2012 have conformal silicone coatings for air streams that may be contaminated with corrosive materials or high humidity.

ProductData SheetDescription
SSE-1001 (Download) 4" Insertion ; 3-wire STANDARD SENSORS
SSE-1002 (Download) 8" Insertion ; 3-wire STANDARD SENSORS
SSE-1011 (Download) 4" Insertion ; 3-wire CONFORMAL COATED SENSORS
SSE-1012 (Download) 8" Insertion ; 3-wire CONFORMAL COATED SENSORS
SSE-2001 (Download) 4" Insertion ; 5-wire STANDARD SENSORS
SSE-2002 (Download) 8" Insertion ; 5-wire STANDARD SENSORS
SSE-2011 (Download) 4" Insertion ; 5-wire CONFORMAL COATED SENSORS
SSE-2012 (Download) 8" Insertion ; 5-wire CONFORMAL COATED SENSORS
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