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Q1 2011
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The Big Show
TotalControl News
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Training 101
Training News
Featured Partner--AUTOGENER
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Climate Change (cartoon)
The Big Show

Lights have gone out for the 2011 AHR Expo.  It proved to be, however, a highly successful event for both the industry and KMC Controls.  This year's event was held in Las Vegas for the first time ever and became the 3rd largest in the event's history with over 54,000 attendees.
As usual, KMC maintained a significant presence in the Building Automation and Control Showcase section of the show floor.  Our standard booth was complimented by a presence within the BACnet International booth.  In addition, KMC products could be seen in the booths of several other manufacturers and service providers.

KMC at AHR Expo 2011 

Want a closer look at the KMC booth?  Check out this 3-minute video from the editors of The ACHR NEWS:

It's back to a colder climate for next year as the AHR Expo returns to Chicago. 

TotalControl News
Building Operating Management (BOM) magazine has recently recognized KMC with a 2011 Top Products award. The award references the TotalControl suite of building management software. The January edition of the publication will feature this product, among others.


The Building Operating Management Top Products award-winners were selected by an email ballot to readers of Building Operating Management. A total of 551 products appeared in the magazine or online on between Oct. 1, 2009 and Sept. 30, 2010. Readers were asked to select their choices for Top Products that met the criteria of innovation and usefulness to facility managers. Based on reader votes, KMC's TotalControl was one of 74 products selected as Top Products.

TotalControl experienced significant enhancements in 2010 including a simplified and speedier installer, support for Windows 7, a graphical scheduler (similar to MS Outlook), and more flexible security.  The TotalControl suite consists of (1) Design Studio, for designing the graphical user interfaces; (2) a web-based operator workstation; and (3) various drivers for system integration purposes.
Featured Project: The Balfour Building
Toronto, Ontario

Designed in 1930 by the world renowned architect Benjamin Brown, the Balfour Building stands as one of the premier historical structures in the heart of downtown Toronto. Located on the corner of Adelaide and Spadina Avenue, just north of Lake Ontario, the 12-story, 120,000 sq. ft. high-rise is nestled in Toronto's revitalized Entertainment and High Tech District. Comprised of both commercial office and retail space, tenants are drawn to the interesting character of the building as well as the amenities of the area. In fact, the building is much like the city itself: historic but hip, refined but relaxed, cultured but comfortable.

Balfour 1
Exterior views of the Balfour Building in downtown Toronto.

Balfour Exterior 

Recently, the management company for the Balfour Building was in search of ways to reduce both the amount of energy the building was consuming and the amount of time their technicians spent managing the different systems. They decided to consult with a local engineering firm to assess the building's energy performance and pinpoint areas for improvement. The firm quickly recognized the company's need for more control of the building systems and recommended Mann Engineering, a local energy management company and a KMC Controls authorized dealer, to install a web-based building automation system.

The firm knew that Mann Engineering was uniquely positioned to supply the company with a single-source solution for all their energy needs. "The customers were not happy with the performance of the building, nor their utility bills," commented Greg Adno, Automation Manager for Mann Engineering. He went on to say, "They desperately needed to centralize control of the building systems. All they had was basic process control of the boiler system using another controls manufacturer, and it was not getting the job done."

Balfour Interior

In April of 2010, Mann Engineering had begun their largest BACnet® project to-date. They started by retrofitting and integrating the existing building systems with KMC BACnet controls; specifically 132 heat pumps, a boiler, a cooling tower, a condenser, and air handling unit. With the use of KMC's new FlexStat™, Mann Engineering was able to replace all of the existing thermostats and fully control all of the heat pump units without having to install both a controller and a thermostat for each suite. This allowed them to significantly cut installation costs while providing the customer with a very easy-to-use interface. Additionally, system management of the building is made possible through the use of the KMC TotalControl™ web-based operator workstation.

"The TotalControl workstation is amazing. It allows our customers the freedom and flexibility to make parameter changes, schedule changes and run trends from anywhere they can access the Internet," commented Greg. "Additionally, the KMC solutions help our customers maintain a more consistent environment and keep the building operating at optimal temperatures all year long, which in Toronto is not easy," he added.

The Balfour Building owners will benefit greatly from the recent installation through reduced utility costs. Likewise, the rest of the city will benefit as the upgrades will help the building attract new tenants in fields such as software development, architecture, marketing, advertising, and film production. And, because of the project's technical accomplishments, a historic part of the Toronto landscape has been preserved and converted to a state-of-the-art environment for the future.

BACnet Panel
It's BACnet for the Balfour
New Whitepaper: Building Sustainability through Building Automation

Are you seeking sustainable facilities? Whatever is driving you toward this goal, building automation and controls systems can play a significant role in its achievement. Discover the benefits of building control systems and the related strategies that can be employed to achieve higher energy efficiency, lower operating and maintenance costs, better indoor air quality, and greater occupant comfort and productivity.



We've created a new whitepaper to discuss this important topic in a no-nonsense, informative manner.  You can download this no-obligation whitepaper through the online presence of  

Training 101: Making the Most of Your Investment


Employee training is a big investment for every company.  As an employer, you want your team to get the most out of their educational experience while providing a big impact to the bottom line.

Sadly, many companies are disappointed by the return on their training investment.  Why?  Because managers limit investment to writing a check to cover the training expenses.  They do not prepare their employees for training, support them during training, or work with them after training.  If you want ROI from your next educational investment consider implementing the following actions* to facilitate the transfer of learning to the workplace.

Before the event:
  • Select employees who are motivated to attend and will participate.
  • Send teams of learners;  "partners" maximize accountability.
  • Set specific learning objectives with each employee.
  • Draft a written learning contract with expectations of both employee and manager.
  • Pre-plan how to apply learning after the event.
  • Encourage students to do their best and be prepared to share learning on their return.
During Training:
  • Prevent distractions by forwarding e-mail and phone calls.
  • Protect learners from everyday work issues.
  • When feasible, check in with students to provide encouragement and focus.
After Training:
  • Schedule a meeting to debrief on learning and discuss how to apply.
  • Provide opportunities for students to share with the rest of the staff.
  • Positively reinforce learners when their new skills are observed.
  • Evaluate and report to the learner and trainers (don't forget the post class evaluations) on the transfer of skills to the workplace.
  • Provide your own certification when new learning and skills are successfully demonstrated on the job.
*List courtesy of John Newstron, as published in Training Magazine Nov./Dec. 2010
Training News


In case you missed the earlier news, KMC is now an Authorized IACET Provider.  That means that the International Association of Continuing Education and Training has approved our training processes, enabling us to offer CEUs (continuing education units) for our training courses. 

Explore more at
Our Featured Partner--AUTOGÉNER

Quality & Value in Long-Term Relationships
In the French-speaking Canadian province of Québec, one controls contractor has stood the test of time, proving their value to both the engineering community and energy-conscious customers.   AUTOGÉNER serves this vast province with automation solutions and energy optimization and related engineering services. 

Autogener Logo

Charles Thibaudeau is President of AUTOGÉNER.  While architecture was the basis of his college studies and civil engineering his early career track, Charles became involved in facility mechanical systems more than 20 years ago as a refrigeration technician.  His experience with KMC began in 1994 when he held an engineering role and, later, the controls manager position at an authorized representative of the former KMC Canada enterprise. 

In 1999, however, Charles struck out on his own, forming AUTOGÉNER with his wife and business partner, Manon Legault.  Today, Manon serves as corporate controller while Charles spends the majority of his time serving as a resource to the engineering community.  In fact, AUTOGÉNER has garnered a superior reputation with engineers of Québec as a result of his efforts.  

This is one of the secrets of success for the company.  "Charles is highly regarded among design engineers," says Louis Philippe Rose, Project Manager and Charles' right-hand man at AUTOGÉNER.  He continues: "This is so because he provides the engineers with everything they need for a successful project and is available to them as a consultant on energy optimization strategies." 

This is nothing new for Charles.  He has built his controls-related career around the notion of working closely with consulting, specifying, and design engineers.  They have come to rely on him for insights surrounding optimal equipment and system control-insights gained through years of practical experience. 

Despite his penchant for working with engineers, the majority of AUTOGÉNER projects fall into the design-build category.  In particular, health care projects and various projects for school boards keep AUTOGÉNER busy. 
Of course, these owner-negotiated projects also incorporate the services of consulting engineers.  So, for the engineer, as well as the mechanical contractor and end customer, AUTOGÉNER delivers what it calls a "database" package of information. 

Louis explains: "Everything that the engineer and mechanical contractor need to know about what we did and everything that the customer needs to know in terms of system operation and maintenance can be found in this package: drawings, sequence of operations, control sequences, product specifications, all the tools they need and much more.  It's more than the typical 'as-built' package.  We share everything including our intellectual property because we want the customer, the mechanical contractor, and the engineer to be successful."


"Charles and I have collaborated for more than 10 years in various building projects. I classify the vast majority of these projects as highly successful.  Charles and his firm are characterized by passion, dedication, integrity, and reliability."   


"Charles will personally make himself available for any work for which his company is responsible.  We have completed many projects related to energy savings and our project goals are always met because of his involvement and follow-up."


"As I tell my customers, 'It is not the controls system that is responsible for saving energy.  Rather, it is what we require the control system to do.'  That means that it has to be designed and programmed properly and this is the strength that Charles Thibaudeau and AUTOGÉNER bring to the project."


(Germain Prescott, Le groupe G.P.A.,Sante-Agathe-des-Monts, Québec)

The approach seems to work as is demonstrated by a loyal customer base and long-term business relationships.

One other significant factor related to the success of AUTOGÉNER is, in one word: QUALITY.  So what does "quality" mean for a controls provider? 
It certainly starts with consistent delivery of services.  That means being well organized.  After all, when you are serving a geographic area as large as 1000 square kilometers, being well coordinated is essential.  It also means standardized engineering and electrical setup practices. 

Operator Workstation
Comprehensive operator workstation interfaces (above) and consistent, functionally designed panels (below) ensure repeatable quality.

BACnet Panel 

But quality for Charles Thibaudeau means so much more.  It is, according to Bernard Viau, recently retired KMC Area Vice President, "his passionate quest for perfection."  He continues: "I have seen AUTOGÉNER refuse some plan and spec work because the project requirements would not enable them to do the job correctly.  For Charles, keeping customers happy means that they never have a problem (at least related to what AUTOGÉNER does).  It means he keeps his promises." 

Keeping their fingers on the pulse of the Québec marketplace is a constant challenge for Charles, Louis and the remainder of the AUTOGÉNER staff.  Thirty to forty percent of all projects today demand energy savings measures.  That leads to educating customers about payback, ROI, and the differences between the two.  Geothermal and solar have increased in popularity.  The last 10 years have also demanded more from building system controls.  Internet connectivity is in more demand both in design-build and specified projects. 

And, BACnet is huge.  "In the last two years," says Louis, "BACnet has come to represent about 90% of all specifications, with an additional 2-5% for LON-based controls, and perhaps another 5% for proprietary controls."

With his talented staff, his vast experience (including 16 years of experience with KMC Controls), and his passionate service to the industry,  Charles Thibaudeau has reached an enviable level of professional networking success that is sure to benefit his firm for many years to come.  To him and his AUTOGÉNER staff, we bid: "Bonne Chance!"

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