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In Touch, the KMC newsletter, Q2 2012
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Be Patriotic
The Big Show
Product News
Is Someone You Know An Airhead?
Featured Partner--Titus
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Be Patriotic--Vote for KMC!

Product awards are nothing new for us at KMC but each one is meaningful. Our FlexStat controller/sensor is now in the running for another recognition--this one in the green building arena.

Your vote counts. Just follow this graphic link to the Green Thinker Network and cast your vote for KMC Controls: 

  GTN Sustainability Contest  


The Big Show

Late in January, KMC attended the AHR Expo 2012 in Chicago.  We've exhibited at this event since the 1980s. 

 AHR 2012  


For this year's event, we engaged customers and potential customers with a "Get In Touch Giveaway"  Winners of associated prizes included the following:

  • 1st Prize, a 55-inch, 3D entertainment system, went to Brett Holloway with XCEL Air Conditioning Services, Inc. of Mandeville, Louisiana.
  • 2nd place winner of the 16 GB Apple iPad 2 was Mark Sardinha with R.T.S. Controls of Toronto, Ontario.
  • 3rd place winner of the $200 Amazon Gift Card was Emre Ozmen with PROKONTROL of Istanbul Turkey.

If you want to know what we talked about at the show, check out this 3-minute video, "What's New at KMC." 


Product News

As always, there is much happening on the product development front:     


Wireless Sensors 

At the recent AHR Expo, we introduced our wireless sensors to the world.  The initial offering will consist of three models: temperature, temperature with setpoint control, and temperature + humidity.


Wireless Sensors 


We chose to employ the EnOcean energy-harvesting technology in developing these products.  We've also joined the EnOcean Alliance.  


Product Launch for these wireless sensors is set for April 18.  Look for further product information on the KMC web site at that time.


FlexStat Enhancements

One of our most popular products ever, this integrated controller and sensor is now available with greater connectivity, greater sensing capability, and new built-in programming sequences to tackle today's popular applications.  


For connectivity, we've added IP to the previous MS/TP only connection option.  Now FlexStat can sit directly on the IP network.


For sensing, we've added CO2 (carbon dioxide) sensing to the temperature, humidity, and occupancy (motion) sensing.   


And, for built-in programming, we've added demand control ventilation (DCV) sequences. Together with the CO2 sensing models, these sequences ensure the proper amount of ventilation in your building for both comfort AND energy performance.    




All of these enhancements are now shipping and further information on FlexStat is available online.  



Modular Solutions for UFAD, VAV, and Hydronic   

We're now shipping a new line of controllers and actuators featuring modular input and output jacks for simpler field wiring using standard Ethernet cabling.  These products are ideal for underfloor air distribution and hydronic applications.   




Read the full press release available at


Is Someone You Know An Airhead?
If you're a facility-related professional, you likely know someone who struggles to maintain a pneumatic control system in their building.  Maybe it's even you.

Perhaps you (or they) are looking for cost-effective means of adding some digital intelligence without chucking the entire system.

If this is you or someone you know, you may want to read our latest article posted in the Answers & Education section of our web site.  It covers the topic in detail and offers product-oriented solutions to the challenge. 

Just follow this link:

Our Featured Partner--Titus 

Titus logo
For 65 years, Titus HVAC has claimed the role as "the leader in air management."  But maintaining a title like that is a tall order for any business.  So, how has this kind of leadership been achieved?  And, more importantly, how is it maintained?

Innovation would certainly be one component.  Innovation has been one of the constants and always part of the business culture at Titus.  

"We use that word 'innovation' in the broadest sense of the term," says Rob Copeland, Director of Marketing and Product Development for the Plano, Texas-based manufacturer.  "For years, innovation has meant significant investment in product development to ensure continued leadership," Rob continues.   "In more recent times, innovation has also implied doing things differently on the business side."

Titus headquarters

Titus HVAC headquarters in Plano, Texas features a comfortable
space for product demonstrations and training.  

Titus demo room 

Product Innovation

Titus continues to lead in product development with technology-driven ideas and game-changing implementations.  

One such innovation is known as EOS.  This name is used for a line of slot diffusers featuring an auto-changeover function and a bidirectional air pattern for heating and cooling applications.  Significantly, EOS is built on energy-harvesting EnOcean technology which uses both solar and ambient lighting to power the internal actuator to accomplish the changeover function. Internal temperature sensors monitor supply air temperature and automatically adjust the air pattern for horizontal airflow (cooling) or vertical airflow (heating).

Woodgrain Finishes
Even in the tried and true products, such as linear bar diffusers, Titus finds opportunity for innovation.  These devices are often the most visible portion of an air distribution system.  So, when both the performance AND the appearance characteristics are critical, Titus now offers numerous woodgrain finishes on its aluminum linear bar diffusers.  In fact, using a preparation, coating, and decoration process known as sublimation, Titus can deliver a diffuser with one of 47 different finishes!
Linear slot diffuser

Factory-Integrated Digital Controls
With the Alpha line of BACnet VAV controllers, designed and manufactured by KMC Controls and private-labeled for them, Titus has introduced a game-changing approach to VAV applications. 

There's nothing new about factory-mounted controls or even factory-mounted digital controls.  But the approach Titus has taken goes far beyond simple factory mounting by truly integrating the controller and VAV box into a complete package.  Far beyond simple factory-mounted controls, these new integrated boxes go to field fully configured and programmed for their intended use.  As a result, no software or PC is needed in the field as a related human interface device provides for complete configuration and system setup. 

Alpha controller
Titus Alpha series controllers are BTL-listed, BACnet Application
Specific VAV controllers, designed and manufactured by KMC.

"Among other trends, we are seeing increased activity for small and medium tenant improvement projects," says Keith Glasch, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Titus.  "Key factors here are speed to market, custom solutions and, of course, cost-effective solutions.  Titus terminal units, equipped with the Alpha controller, help us satisfy all of these demands."

Beyond the Product
While engineering keeps busy with these and other product innovations, there's a good deal happening on the sales and marketing side of Titus business as well.  "We are re-engineering our brand," Rob Copeland says.  He is referring to a multi-tiered effort to reach existing and new audiences with the Titus message.

"Our success is primarily due to our long-standing partnerships with our reps in the field," Rob says.  "They are the best in the industry and we'll never forget that. But they are in need of greater help from us in reaching their audiences," he continues.  "So we are taking bigger steps to better reach those in the engineering and architectural communities."

Rob Copeland
Titus's Director of Marketing and Product Development,
Rob Copeland.

Such steps have included engaging a public relations firm, revamping the corporate web site, and engaging in educational activities through the newer digital media.  "We've always done a good job of being involved in industry organizations and presenting papers in various industry venues," says Rob. 

"But we have to be concerned with new social media channels as well.  So we are educating through these means such as offering our expertise through blogs."

Despite these moves in newer media, there is still room in the Titus world for conventional means of reaching and educating audiences with the Titus message.  For instance, the Titus product catalog, issued every two years, is still widely considered one of the most anticipated releases in the rep channel and beyond.

So, whether it's proven product innovation or better engagement of critical audiences, Titus seems to have secured its title as the leader in air management for many years to come.

KMC-Titus Poster
At the AHR Expo 2012, Titus HVAC and KMC Controls
celebrated 35 years of product collaboration with this
joint promotional graphic and an associated press release.  

Interestingly, the collaboration began with a custom-designed
pneumatic VAV controller in 1977.

Climate Change
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